Song of Solomon


Run away with me, my beloved

Down the rambling roads under lamplight glow

Pray I pickpocket a kiss

From the blush on your face.



Dream dreams about me, darling

Of sprawling shores and hotel floors

Long for my winged touch

As you lay in bed alone.



Spill your arms into mine, love

In the heady night of neon brights

Let the downpour spoil your skinny jeans

While your hands caress my neck.



Drive down the desolate streets, my dear

Where radio don’t sing and love don’t linger

Call me on your cell phone at 3

And cry when I don’t pick up.



Why play games with me, girl?

My love for you is a skyscraper

Adorned with a steeple that points

Redoubtably to your heart.



Why kill the romance, sweetheart?

My love for you is a river cruise

Returning from a distant voyage

To a throng wading in wanderlust.


Let Solomon decide

Whose love is more just

But until then

meet me at the gas station

between holland road and swanson street

wait for me there

don’t be late.



This poem was originally published in Libertas, a Davidson College literary magazine.

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