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Dear Friend,
I would love to keep you updated with my life and my pursuits in a quarterly newsletter. 

First, let’s get to business: I have started my new full-time role with Young America’s Foundation!  My role is as a Development Officer for the Foundation.  What it effectively means is that I go around the country cultivating philanthropic relationships between The Foundation and our generous supporters, so that we can make the impact that we want to make in the lives of young people.   What a joy it is to travel around our great nation and build these intentional relationships.  And what a challenge, with opportunities for immense personal growth!  After all, some of you may remember my periods of activism and community organizing in high school and college, a white-hot desire to make a difference in my bloodstream.  I am proud to say I’m beginning that journey, making an impact for a storied organization whose work is vital to the history of our country at large. 

Leaving Davidson was hard, but I felt like I was definitely ready.  I think I will miss my friends the most.  Over the past few years I’ve developed some friendships I believe will continue for the rest of my life.  I also really liked the Charlotte area.  The weather was so beautiful, and it matters (it really does).  Finally, I will never forget the wonderful church that I went to for the extent of my college career: LIFE Fellowship.  This church, just like YAF, changed my life – and taught me how to become a kinder, gentler, and more confident man of Christ.  My church, in addition to my ministry with Reformed University Fellowship, really helped to enhance my spiritual life at a point in my life when Christianity was really “love it or leave it” for me. 

After I graduated, I went on a road trip with my friends to Destin FL, New Orleans, and Nashville.  I ate at Hattie B’s, famous for its extremely hot chicken, and I ordered the “Shut the Cluck Up” level of spice (the spiciest), but to be honest, it wasn’t even that hot.  I guess if I have one talent it’s eating spicy food.

Then I made my way to a 6-week missions and service opportunity with JAARS, a Christian ministry dedicated to supporting overseas missionaries.  This was time I needed to take, and looking back on it, I’m confident I will remember that experience 50 years from now when I’m telling these stories to my great-grandkids on a rocking chair.  The people at JAARS (which works out of Waxhaw, North Carolina) are simply some of the most humble and God-driven people I’ve ever known.  I hope to make my way down again one day just to see the work of the ministry continue to come alive there. 

Right now, I’m getting acquainted with my new home in Reston, VA, while making sure to go to the District often to stay involved with the action there!  Yesterday I went swing dancing, and I was a total flop!  I am rusty!  Time to take some refresher classes.  I’m still writing a lot, and you can follow my writing at  Top objectives: find a great church, meet new people, and make a difference.  What a life!  Please pray for me, and if you’re ever in the area, I of course would love to see you!


Kenny Xu

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